Futuro de las imágenes moleculares - Diagnóstico y tratamiento


Country: Estados Unidos

Specialty: Molecular Imaging

Gilberto Prudencio is an experienced molecular imaging professional with a degree in BioPhysics from the University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada) and a subsequent degree in Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging Technology from the Michener Institute of Education at UHN (Toronto, Canada). Mr. Prudencio is currently the Director of Business Development at MILabs, a Rigaku Company. Prior to his new appointment at Rigaku, Gilberto has had several leadership and commercialization positions in global companies like GEHC, Microsoft, Perkin Elmer and MR Solutions. His 20-plus year journey in the healthcare, molecular imaging and life sciences arena has provided Mr. Prudencio with a rich and varied experience in imaging modalities, commercialization, product and applications development. Equally as diverse a professional career is his personal journey. Gilberto was born in El Salvador, followed by a formative period in Canada and Spain and now living the in the USA for the past 23 years.