Futuro de las imágenes moleculares - Diagnóstico y tratamiento

Center of Molecular Research


Centre of Molecular Research (CMR) has been founded in 2001 by the group of professional scientists and specialists in nuclear medicine and international economic relations spheres firstly focusing on production and distributing of Oxygen-18 water with Isotopic Enrichment ≥ 98% and other medicine isotopes. After more than 20 years of development today CMR is a vertically constructed united group of companies having its representatives and offices in many countries in the world. Nowadays CMR is not only one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Oxygen-18 water but also the qualified supplier of a wide range of products (such as Stable isotopes, Radioactive isotopes, Cold kids for Tc-99m, Peptides, Equipment and Consumables) which completely satisfy the needs of medicine centres and hospitals, scientists, and technologists in isotopic fields.