Futuro de las imágenes moleculares - Diagnóstico y tratamiento


Country: Austria

Specialty: Radiopharmacy

Prof.Clemens Decristoforo is Radiopharmacist at the Department of Nuclear Medicine of the Medical University Innsbruck, Austria. He studied Pharmacy and did his PhD in 1997 at the Leopold Franzens University Innsbruck. In 1997-1998 he was a Post-Doc Marie Curie Research Fellow at the Nuclear Medicine Research Lab at St.Bartholomews Hosp., London and 2009-2010 he worked as radiopharmaceutical Scientist at the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna. In 2014 he was awarded honorary Professorship of the Medical University Innsbruck. He chaired for many years the Radiopharmacy Committee of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine, is member of Expert Group 14 of the European Pharmacopeia (EDQM, Strasbourg) and active in regulatory aspects of radiopharmaceuticals. He is member of several editorial boards of journals in the field of radiopharmaceuticals, is teaching regularly for master students in Pharmacy and Molecular Medicine and supervises several PhD and Master students, serving as faculty of IGDT PhD programme of the Innsbruck PhD School for Biomedical Sciences and in the MASTER IN Drug Development & Regulatory Affairs at the Medical University Innsbruck . His research interests are focussed on radiometals and peptides for molecular imaging and therapy, in this field he has published more than 180 scientific papers.